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Student Led IEP Meetings

Developing Leaders and Lifelong Skills

Training Concept:

  *  The IEP Meeting is a natural activity to use self-determination skills!
  *  Students learn leadership skills such as:
      o Gathering data to make decisions
      o Developing measurable post-secondary goals and annual goals that support post-secondary goals
      o Developing a plan
      o Implementing a plan
      o Monitoring the success of the plan and making adjustments to make it work
      o Leaderships for conducting effective meetings
      o Invitations & agendas
      o Conflict resolution

Training Format:

  * Training can be conducted as professional development for educators and support staff.
  * Training can be conducted as joint training for students, teachers, and parents. Students leave the training motivated and determined to implement the concept, parents know how to support their child, and teachers serve as the facilitators rather than “being the only game in town” to learn and implement the concept of Student-led IEP Meetings.

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