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Student Trainers Learn:

  * What worked for them as they learned to lead their IEP meeting.
  * How to train disability awareness to other students with disabilities.

* How to use their own disability experience to teach self-determination skills in the IEP process.
  * How to teach other students to write measurable post-secondary transition goals.
  * Meeting skills that facilitate a level of comfort and partnership in the IEP process.
  * Strategies to monitor the implementation and progress of his\her IEP.
  * Parents listen to other parents and teachers listen to other teachers. We know students listen to other students so use this fact to increase meaningful involvement in the IEP process by having students with disabilities train other students to lead their IEP meetings.
  * Provide student trainers with training handbooks, student leader badges, training tools, and a tot Student Leadership bags

*** The TOT Trainer bags are available at an additional cost (Please contact us for cost information).

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