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What our Clients are Saying

“Student-Led IEP meetings have empowered students to be an important part of the IEP Meeting. They feel they have permission to agree or disagree, give suggestions, and really try to make school a more meaningful experience rather than something forced on them”.

Carol Andrews
Special Education Dept. Chair
Madison High School

“It was awesome! The student was very open and honest and so much synergy occurred from ALL participants. The meeting was positive, relaxed, enjoyable, and productive. I wasn’t the person doing most of the talking for a change! I could go on and on about what a great meeting it was but I WON’T. But Mahalo (thank you) for the inspiration to take a chance to do something different. It was worth the risk!”

Teri Maneha
Honolulu, Hawaii

“What is going on here? I was just in an IEP Meeting and kids are running their meetings, AND they are doing a good job.”

An Assistant Principal to the Principal
Madison High School
North East Independent School District
San Antonio, Texas

“Being part of the Student-Led IEP training gave me the right to say what I need instead the teachers and my parents telling me what I need”

10th Grade Student
Madison High School
North East Independent School District
San Antonio, Texas

“I enjoyed your presentation very much and feel inspired to tackle some of this when I return to (the Island of) Saipan.”

Joanne Nicholls
Secondary Transition Coordinator
Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI Public School System)

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