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Townsley Raposa

Townsley Raposa has been a teacher, Department Chair, and special education administrator for over 12 years. She was instrumental is helping the district receive a statewide award from the Texas Council of Administrators in Special Education (TCASE) for moving the IEP process from a paperwork driven process to the use of Person-Centered Thinking tools to implement Student-Led IEPs. She assisted in the research, planning, development and implementation of an evidence-based 18-21 Adult Transition Program in her district. In addition, Ms. Raposa has training and expertise as a Behavior Specialist.

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Christina Gushanas

Christina Gushanas has over 10 years in education as special education teacher, Peer Facilitator, Secondary Department Chair, Adult Transition Specialist for special education services for students 18-21, and Graduate Assistant at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, TX. Christina graduated Cum Laude in her Bachelors program, has her Masters Degree, and is currently in a Ph.D. Program at TAMU. Her expertise is in Transition, vocational education for students with disabilities, and programming for public school students 18-21 and students with disabilities participating in postsecondary education/training.

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Sara Williams

Ms. Williams has been in education for over 10 years with experience as a secondary teacher, special education administrator, 18+ Teacher and Program Lead, and adjunct faculty at a postsecondary education institution. She attended Pepperdine University, California State University, and Chapman University in California completing a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. Ms. Williams’ expertise includes Transition, adult programming for students 18 though 21, vocational instruction, and collaboration between Special Education and Career and Technical Education programming.

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Beth Panter

Mrs. Panter is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos with a degree in education. Although Beth is a certified public school teacher in Texas, her passion is helping students prepare for life after public school, transition. As a child with a specific learning disability in reading and written language, Mrs. Panter walked the walk of pullout versus inclusion, struggling with passing the statewide assessments, and educators and agency representatives who advised against college. Beth brings a unique perspective as an educator and a person with a learning disability. As Beth tells students, “my disability is not who I am, Beth Panter is who I am”.

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Dr. Vickie Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell has been in education over 38 years, ten years as a secondary general education teacher and over 28 years as a special educator in both elementary and secondary schools. She has been a special education administrator, transition specialist, taught at two Texas universities, and served as the Transition Specialist at Region IV Education Service Center in Houston, Texas. Although Dr. Mitchell has been intricately involved in inclusion and training research-based inclusive practices, her love is transition services. Her partner of many years is her daughter, Beth Mitchell Panter.

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