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Beth Panter

Mrs. Panter is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos with a degree in education. Although Beth is a certified public school teacher in Texas, her passion is helping students prepare for life after public school, transition. As a child with a specific learning disability in reading and written language, Mrs. Panter walked the walk of pullout versus inclusion, struggling with passing the statewide assessments, and educators and agency representatives who advised against college. Beth brings a unique perspective as an educator and a person with a learning disability. As Beth tells students, “my disability is not who I am, Beth Panter is who I am”.

She explains to teachers, “now that I am an adult, my disability did not fall off of me. I deal with it everyday but the place that I learned to deal with it was in public school and in my home. I was a child. I could not learn to believe in myself unless the adults in my life believed in me”. Beth is practical and provides students, teachers, and parents with real-life experiences, strategies, and “things to think about” that are built on self-determination, increased expectations, and building capacity in students to know, understand, and implement their role as a learner in public schools and beyond.

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